The End in Mind

“Since everything will be destroyed in this way, what kind of people ought you to be? You ought to live holy and godly lives as you look forward to the day of God and speed its coming.” 2 Peter 3:11-12

Stephen Covey wrote a massive 20th century bestseller called ‘7 Habits of Highly Successful People’. The third habit he identifies is ‘Begin with the End in Mind’. All great missions, all great teams start and build from here. 

The Bible repeatedly talks about the end and asks us to live in light of it. That end includes coming judgment, the destruction of this world, the ushering in of another better one, and Christ’s catalytic return to set this brand new end in motion. 

God’s Word in 2 Peter 3:11-14 gives us a few pointers as to what living with the end in mind should look like. Here’s the picture: 

  • LIVING HOLY. This does not mean living perfect. It means living ‘set apart’ for special service to our Master. It means living for Him. 
  • LIVING GODLY. This means living like Jesus, imitating Him, patterning ‘your game’ after His. It means living like Him.
  • LOOKING FORWARD. This means anticipating His return – vigilant, ready, hopeful and hope-filled. It means living in the now but with an eye on eternity. It means living with Him always in view. 
  • GETTING BUSY. This means seizing and maximizing moments, pushing the tempo, making possessions matter and each day a masterpiece.  It means ‘speeding His return’ by not being spiritually lazy, casual, or indifferent. It means working hard for what matters most.  
  • BEING BLAMELESS. This means fighting off sin and receiving forgiveness when you do. It means living spotless before God and others, cleaning up the relational messes you make. It means keeping yourself clean. 
  • EXPERIENCING PEACE.  This means forging a great relationship with God and maintaining it. It means close friendship, committed to being on great terms with Him consistently. 

May I ask… How well are you living with the end in mind? Of the six pointers scripture mentions here, where could you use some tightening up?

LORD, thank you for making the end game clear and showing us how to live in light of this. You don’t leave us guessing on either front. All other religions and worldviews do. I love You for this!

Keep future, eternal realities ever before me. Don’t let me get numb to this. I want to live with the end in mind…just like Jesus. Spirit of God, help me make this habit. For Your glory and my joy and peace. Amen 

Be strong. 

Stand for truth. 

Live for eternity. 

Coach Mo

Great Reminders and a Nasty Nine

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Extensive research among Olympians has identified 7 common personality traits of all elite athletes (high performance-type people). High organizational ability is one of them. It gives them structure and helps them figure out what needs to be done when. ‘W.I.N.’ (What’s Important Now) shapes their thinking. And good self-reminders populate all the time. 

How do you create structure in your day (or do you simply let others structure the majority of it for you)? How do you remind yourself of what’s important, of what must be done today? One crucial but oft overlooked way is to let God’s Word remind and stimulate you. It’s prompts are amazingly valuable and beneficial, insightful and wise. The more often scripture is deeply, daily read, the better. 

And what happens if you and I don’t? 2 Peter 3 gives us some clues, a ‘nasty nine’

1. Doubt will start to dominate. (v3-7)

2. Coming consequences (judgment) will seem imaginary not inevitable. (v7,10-12)

3. Overall perspective will get wacky. (v8,10-13, 15)

4. God will seem distant and slow. (v9)

5. God’s promises will be forgotten, sidelined, benched. (v10, 13)

6. Living life with a good sense of urgency will be lost. (v14)

7. Living in right relationship with God will seem irrelevant. (v14)

8. Playing good defense, being vigilant and always on guard, will seem pointless. (v17)

9. Insecurity in life will rise. (v17)

Are you being routinely stimulated to wholesome thinking? Are you getting enough Bible intake to live wisely, with the end in mind? Are you suffering from any of the ‘nasty nine’? What mental or organizational adjustment(s) need to be made in order to get more daily wins?

LORD, fill my days with great thoughts and sound structure. Don’t let me succumb to the ‘nasty nine’. Your Word Is such a good gift. Keep feeding me the truth and reminding me by your Spirit of the wholesome thinking I need to get wins every day. 

“Dear friends, this is now my second letter to you. I have written both of them as reminders, to stimulate you to wholesome thinking.“ ~ 2 Peter 3:1

Be strong. 

Stand for truth. 

Live for eternity. 

Coach Mo

Rocks and Memorials

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Cultures often use rocks to memorialize things. * Rocks are piled over corpses to give the dead a simple home. * Rock-built (often-crossed) tombstones (paired with a small flag on days like today) honor fallen American heroes due to war.

Big rocks are placed and painted on college campuses to commemorate something noteworthy. * There is a great rock showcased beautifully inside the San Antonio Spurs practice facility. It helps tell a very special story that defines that sports franchise’s deep DNA. 

Here’s one more rock story. God gave His people an assignment. Take twelve great rocks from the middle of the Jordan River and pile them up together beyond its west banks to serve as a memorial. It was to signal the LORD’s faithfulness in parting those waters and bringing His people to their Promised Land. When generations to come would ask why the stones were piled up so obviously, people would tell this story of God‘s great deliverance and faithfulness.

May I ask… What all do you commemorate? How much does your memorializing include others? How do you consider Christ and celebrate His amazing faithfulness, sacrificial death, and abundant life-giving any given day?

LORD, I am in awe of your faithfulness. I treasure the sacrificial gift of your Son and unending presence of your Spirit. These are huge rocks to me. 
Help me to esteem others well, as better than myself, and bring You the full honor due your name in life and in death. Amen

“These stones are to be a memorial to the people of Israel forever.” Joshua 4:7

Nothing detrimental. 

Bring honor to Christ.

Coach Mo

The American Flag: 13 Folds of Honor

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Memorial Day is a day observed by millions of people in the United States of America in remembrance of men and women who sacrificed their time, careers, and lives for their country.  America is not the only country which honors their military…many countries around the world do the same in some fashion.

The history, rituals, and the customs of the United States Military has always fascinated and intrigues me. I hold in highest esteem and respect, all people who have sacrificed their time and/or their lives for their country.

A military tradition that has always been deeply moving to me, is watching the person of a fallen spouse or child, receive the folded American flag during a funeral ceremony.

I often wondered the story behind the folded flag. Why is it folded in that particular manner? What does each fold represent? What…

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The Big Disqualifier

I asked two Hall of Fame basketball players independently what factor was most important to effective team leadership. Both said the same thing: congruence. By that they meant consistency between what is preached and what is actually lived out. There must be connection. 

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Indeed, nothing disqualifies a man’s leadership more than moments like these: 

* Saying you work hard but nobody really agrees. 

* Saying you’re a team player but functionally playing for yourself. 

* Saying you believe in tolerance but practicing intolerance of those who disagree with you. 

* Preaching a gospel that doesn’t line up with either what the Bible actually says or how one actually lives. 

And may I remind you that, when it comes to God, the stakes for congruent living grow way higher. The life He calls us to, according to 2 Peter 2:2, is termed “the way of truth”. Living an incongruent life to this not only erodes our leadership before men but also “brings the way of truth (itself) into disrepute”. In other words, for those of us who claim to know and follow Jesus, He gets a black eye when we live an incongruent, inconsistent life. He gets disrespected before a watching world when we operate outside the way of truth He gave us. 

Truth must become a way of life. It must be believed, not just known. It must be practiced, not just proclaimed. It must be consistent with the word of God. It must change our lives. Orthopraxy must attach to orthodoxy. Only then does truth become fully powerful and truly experienced. 

May I ask:

* Does the “way of truth” have your great attention? How well do you know it? Are you feeding on ‘weak stuff’ fed to you by false teachers? (Read all of 2 Peter 2 and 2 Timothy 2-4 for starters.)

* How big is the gap in you between knowing the truth and believing the truth? 

* Are people failing to follow God on account of you? Are you disqualifying your leadership of others by how you live?

LORD God Almighty, there is a way of truth. It’s You! Thank you for being so knowable through Your Son, Jesus. What a gift!

Help me not to put You in disrepute before men or disqualify myself from leading others by not knowing or believing ‘the way of truth’. Make me solid by your Spirit in holding to this game plan. I need You to coach me in congruence. For Your glory, my good, and satisfying wins. Amen

“…and bring the way of truth into disrepute.” 2 Peter 2:2

Be strong.

Stand for truth.

Live for eternity.

Coach Mo

A World of Difference

It is my hope that this encourages you today to make…

“Righteousness exalts the nation, but sin is a disgrace to any
people.” Proverbs 14:34

A man’s moral behavior creates a much bigger effect than he thinks.
Choosing to live a righteous life somehow blesses others and even
lifts a nation. God says so. So never minimize the influence a
commitment to righteous living can have. Righteousness has power. One
Righteous Man changed the world. His followers can too.

Sin also has a strong, multiplied effect. It brings shame to the
group, not just the individual. The reproach and loss of confidence
that results stains others too. Like one turnover or bad shot can lead
to another, an apple gone bad really can spoil the bunch. So stop
sinning. Disgrace spreads.

Look to the Righteous One to inspire your belief that living His way
will make a world of difference. And may His Spirit grant you
resurrection power to pursue righteousness passionately and overcome
sin heroically. Not only personal wins but corporate wins await.

Nothing detrimental.
Bring honor to Christ.
Coach Mo

Quite a Promise!

Quite a Promise

woman standing on rice field

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Most people believe they put in the work. Some don’t. Some are
overachievers. Some are not. Some reap what they sow. Some reap more
than they sow. Some reap less than they sow. It all depends.

Into this inexact science enters today’s scripture. Here, God says
that when we ‘sow in tears’ we will ‘reap with joy’. To sow in tears
is to labor hard through hurt, to push through pain and personal
disappointment, and bring oneself to a place of weeping over deep and
hopefully righteous longings that remain unfulfilled in us and in our

What’s concerning is that we often don’t allow ourselves to get to
that point. We simply complain about our circumstance (for just a bit)
😉 and then grind on, dry-eyed, hoping for hope’s sake for something
more or different…someday. The sowing limps on. The reaping feels
like a crapshoot.

God’s Word invites us to a greater certainty. When we get beyond being
numb, when we become passionate, when we let our hearts break, even to
tears, over things that are truly heartbreaking, something happens.
God sees and remembers those moments. He fertilizes and germinates
them. Our tears wet the soil that joy grows in. They work together
more than we think. God wonderfully sees to it.

So be brought to tears. Feel deeply about a few good things. Entertain
some new, strong convictions. Work hard at it. Let tears fall. Mourn.
It’ll do you good. Before too long you may be singing songs of joy,
loud and proud. It’s a law and quite a promise.

* Been holding back too much? Where do your tears need to touch down?
* .Where do hear songs of joy, deliverance, reward coming?
* Believing God for sweet connections between sowing and reaping, tears and joy?

LORD, thank you for strong evidence of sowing and reaping. Keep
sending more. Free me to weep for what I should and lead me to shout
songs of joy and deliverance too. You promise well. You’re the best!

“Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy.” Psalm 126:6

Live with passion.

Fulfill your purpose.
Get to work. 😉
Coach Mo